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Director of Gilead Music Ltd and Classic & Sportscar Ltd.

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Title: About Us

Mission Statement for Gilead Music Ltd

Gilead Music Ltd exists to promote the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ in three ways: Music, Recorded teaching, and Personal ministry.

Gilead is involved in the recording, manufacture and distribution of audio visual products of benefit to both a Christian and secular audience.

The whole ethos of Gilead is to bring healing in a number of ways.  Recorded teachings to bring healing to damaged people.  Music not just to entertain but also to meet people at the point of their need, bringing both comfort and pleasure.  Lyrics which are biblically based and have the authenticity which comes from personal experience.  A primary function of Gilead is to produce music combined with the spoken word in a format that will appeal to non-Christians and stimulate them to begin the journey of Christian faith.

Gilead will provide a recording and distribution platform to talented artists and teachers, who are unable to obtain the required resources for the recording and duplication of their work by conventional commercial methods.

Although Gilead is constituted as a for-profit company we will seek to obtain financial assistance specifically to enable the commissioning and production of particular works which would not be judged commercially viable but for which there is a clearly indentified need.

Audio and video products are produced to a standard suitable for broadcasting.  It is intended that we will produce high quality original works which will appeal particularly to British broadcasters.  The artists, teachers and ministers involved in this activity will be available for personal and public ministry.

We seek to draw together a body of believers in this Christian media enterprise, both evangelistic and inclusive in it's outlook, and comprising a wide range of ministry and media talents.

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