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Living World

Price: £10 
Year: 2008

Back in the early 1970s Roger Cooke and Roger Greenaway were the Stock, Aitken and Waterman of their day. They had huge success with 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' first used in their TV advert for Coke in 1971.


The following year the song was a UK number one hit single. Singer/songwriter John Gaughan, co-founder of Gilead was chosen by them to be part of the band 'Herman's Hermits' and he continued working with Cooke and Greenaway in their time writing songs for some of the greatest bands of their day.


In his early 20s John was already a heavy drinker and by his 30s he was a full blown alcoholic. He often drank one bottle of vodka to get on stage and fell off after the second. Told by doctors that he had three months to live and having survived a failed suicide attempt, John had a life-changing encounter and has been dry for 17 years.


In the autumn of 2007 he met Kevin Leach who had worked with Chris Rea for many years and is a hugely talented keyboard's player, producer and arranger. Within months there was a band of brothers most of whom had struggled with drink during their most successful band years. The creation of 'Living World', Gilead's first album as a band is partly a story of redemption and rebuilding lives.


In today's world of crisis and unprecedented change, love is one of the few aspects of life that remains constant. As each generation searches for the meaning of life and love, music can provide a portal into the realm of faith, hope, and love. 'Living World' is a journey through that portal.