Title: Gilead Recordings

Many pastors, teachers and Christian musicians find the idea of recording their work for CD audio or DVD video a daunting prospect. It can also be a major expense.  We have developed a low-cost in-house facility to record music and narration using the latest compact 16 track digital studio.  We also have a portable 8 track studio, useful for quick and easy setup on location.  We have the ability and equipment to record, master, duplicate, print and package digital media in quantities to meet your requirements.

We also use broadcast quality Canon video equipment and state-of-the art Avid Liquid video editing software to take your video concept from idea to finished broadcast or DVD at an affordable cost.  We are also able to arrange production of complex video animation and 3D video graphics work to broadcast standard if required.

Readings from Joe FerranteReadings from Joe Ferrante