Title: Gilead Recordings

Introducing Pastor Joe Ferrante

Written by Nick Szkiler

Joe Ferrante I first met Pastor Joe Ferrante at a conference in London early in 2001.  Joe stood out from the other speakers, his gentle voice describing with such clarity a deep understanding of the Father Heart of God.

Joe has been a pastor for over 35 years. He and his wife Mary-Jo are based in Northern California, and have travelled widely bringing insightful teachings on the character of God.  For many years, Joe has taught students from Youth With a Mission, a global Christian organisation committed to the discipling and equipping of the young.

Joe Ferrante Early in 2006 Joe came over to Gilead to record 10 hours of amazing teaching. In the series, Joe challenges us to look at two questions: Is God really good?  Am I good enough for God to really love me? Drawing from his own life experience, his teachings and stories will warm your heart and challenge your faith.

Listen to a sample from the series online. (see below)
It's called 'The Love of the Father' We hope you will be blessed by this work. The full series is available from our online shop in a 9 CD set or in three triple CD sets.
We hope you'll not only enjoy them, but share them with your friends.

The Love of the Father

by Joe Ferrante
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